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Project Resources

We want your experience with Quality Metals to be an efficient and productive one.  To help with your project, we’ve collected commonly requested resources into one convenient place for your review.

Trim Details

Metal panels may cover the majority of a building surface, but the trim is what brings it all together.  For assistance with trim options, check out our library of available standard trim for your next project.

Installation Guides

Getting ready to install a Quality Metals panel system and want to double check the process?  Check out our product installation guides for helpful tips to get the job done quickly an effectively.

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Product Bulletins

Stay on top of technical updates and new details on panels here.  At Quality Metals we want to keep your projects running smoothly.  If you don’t see any recent bulletins related to your product, please don’t hesitate to contact a team member and discuss your challenge.

Watertight Warranty

Quality Metals is committed to providing peace of mind for architects, builders, and installers with our comprehensive Watertight Warranties.

Backed by our dedication to quality and reliability, our warranties offer assurance that your metal roofing and siding systems are protected against water intrusion and related damages.

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Paint Warranties

Knowing your project is protected and your paint system will hold up against extreme temperatures is a key reason so many owners are turning to metal roofing products.  To ensure our panels look beautiful for years to come, we’ve worked with our partners to provide tested and verified paint warranties on each of our products. 

Shipping & Delivery

At Quality Metals we’re proud to service builder and installation teams across the U.S. and Mexico.  One way we can do this effectively is due to our exceptional logistics team ready to coordinate job-site deliveries across the country.

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