R Panel

The R Panel is perfect for commercial and agricultural roofing and siding applications.


R Panel Metal Roofing & Siding

The R Panel is an all-around quality system designed for both metal roofing and siding, and tailored for contractors.

R Panel metal roofing and siding is a robust and practical choice for a variety of construction projects. Known for its versatility and durability, R Panel is favored for its suitability in both commercial and residential applications.

R Panel is used in a variety of settings, ranging from commercial and industrial projects to barns and residential homes. Its versatility makes it a reliable option for projects of all sizes and purposes.

Designed for longevity, R Panel offers exceptional durability, ensuring reliable protection against the elements. Its sturdy construction makes it particularly well-suited for structures in demanding environments.

Beyond its durability, R Panel stands out as a cost-effective solution for roofing and siding needs. Its affordability makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious projects without sacrificing quality or performance.

R Panel’s straightforward installation process contributes to its popularity among contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. With minimal labor requirements and efficient assembly, R Panel offers time and cost savings during the construction phase.


Panel Features

Panel Features Include:

  • 26 gauge steel (standard)
  • 29 gauge steel (optional)
  • 24 gauge steel (optional)
  • Substrate Materials:
    • Galvalume (standard)
    • Galvanized (optional)
  • Colors available on standard, premium and metallic.
  • Rib Spacing: 12″ O.C.
  • Rib Height: 1.25”

Testing & Performance

Panel Certifications Include:

  •  UL Construction Number: TGKX.30, TGKX.79, TGKX.161.
  • Uplift resistance of prepared roof-covering materials
    • UL 580 Class90.
  • Impact resistance of prepared roof-covering materials
    • UL2218 Class 4.
  • Fire tests of roof coverings
    • UL 790.
    • Class A, B, C. External fire exposure.
  • TDI Texas Approved

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Panel Details

Panel Profile
r panel profile

R Panel is suitable for use on the following environments:

  • Extreme High Temperatures
  • Low Temperatures (Freeze/Thaw)
  • High Wind Environments
  • Hail Prone Regions
  • Fire Prone Regions

R Panel is suitable for use on the following building locations:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Ceiling
  • Soffit
  • Interiors
  • Roof: 36″ Finished Coverage
  • Wall: 36″ Finished Coverage
  • R Panel is not currently offered with variations differing from the original panel profile.

For custom panel designs, please contact a helpful team member

  • Standard Thickness: 26 gauge steel
  • Optional Thickness: 24 gauge steel*
  • Optional Thickness: 29 gauge steel*


*Longer lead times may apply

  • Exposed, through-fastened screws

R Panel is not available for on-site roll-forming.  The max panel length is determined by the length of the trailer which varies depending on state.  

  • Max Length, Texas: 53′ panels

Contact your helpful team member for max lengths in other states.

  • 1.25″ Rib Height

Minimum slope varies based on potential for ice & snow build up:

  • No risk of ice & snow: 0.5:12 w/ mastic
  • Potential risk of ice & snow: 2:12 w/ mastic
  • PVDF – 40 year
  • SMP – 40 year
  • Acrylic – 40 year
  • Bare Galvalume – 25 year

Panel Documentation

Trim Details

Specification Guide

Installation Guide

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