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Snap Lock Metal Roofing & Siding

SL-150 1.5” Snap Lock panel features structural performance as well as architectural aesthetics. SL-150 Snap Lock Panels can be factory formed and/or fabricated at project locations as described in the UL and TDI construction numbers listed below. SL-Snap Lock Panels are ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

This panel system is an efficient solution for roofing and wall cladding projects, specifically tailored for residential and light commercial applications. Renowned for its ease of installation and versatility, these panels offer convenience and reliability for homeowners and contractors alike.

One of the primary advantages of the snap lock system is its rapid installation process. Utilizing a snap-together design with concealed clips, these panels can be quickly and easily installed without the need for exposed fasteners or complex assembly techniques. This streamlined installation process reduces labor time and costs, making it an ideal choice for projects seeking efficiency and durability.

For contractors specializing in residential and light commercial projects, Snap Lock panels offer significant time and labor savings. The simplicity of the installation process allows contractors to complete projects more efficiently, reducing labor costs and project timelines. Additionally, the snap-together design minimizes the risk of errors or complications, further enhancing overall project efficiency and profitability.

Despite their easy installation, Snap Lock panels deliver reliable performance and durability. Engineered to withstand the elements, these panels provide long-lasting protection confirmed through testing and approved as TDI-certified panel systems. Their secure interlocking mechanism ensures a tight seal, preventing water infiltration and enhancing weather resistance for enhanced peace of mind.

Snap Lock panels are suitable for a wide range of architectural styles, making them a versatile choice for residential and light commercial applications. Whether it’s a traditional home or a modern storefront, Snap Lock panels offer a sleek and contemporary solution that complements diverse design preferences.

Panel Features

Panel Features Include:

  • 24 gauge steel (standard)
  • 22 gauge steel (optional)
  • 26 gauge steel (optional)
  • Substrate Materials:
    • Galvalume (standard)
    • Galvanized (optional)
  • Colors available on standard, premium and metallic.
  • Rib Spacing: Varies based on panel width chosen
  • Rib Height(s): 1-1.5”

Testing & Performance

Panel Certifications Include:

  • UL Construction Number: TGKX301, TGKX342A and TGKX388.
  • Uplift resistance of prepared roof-covering materials
    • UL 580 Class90.
  • Impact resistance of prepared roof-covering materials
    • UL2218 Class 4.
  • Fire tests of roof coverings
    • UL 790.
    • Class A, B, C. External fire exposure.
  • TDI Texas Approved
  • UL Certified

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Panel Details

Panel Profiles

1.5″ Snap Lock (SL-150)

snap lock profile

Snap Lock is suitable for use on the following environments:

  • Extreme High Temperatures
  • Low Temperatures (Freeze/Thaw)
  • High Wind Environments
  • Hail Prone Regions
  • Fire Prone Regions

Snap Lock is suitable for use on the following building locations:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Interiors
  • Ceiling
  • Soffit
  • Roof: 12-20″ Finished Coverage
  • Wall: 12-20″ Finished Coverage
  • Standard Thickness: 24 gauge steel
  • Optional Thickness: 26 gauge steel*
  • Optional Thickness: 22 gauge steel*

*Longer lead times may apply

  • Concealed clip system
    • Fixed clips available
    • Floating clips available
  • Snap Lock can be roll-formed on-site to custom lengths.
  • Max shippable length is determined by the local trailer restrictions.
  • Texas Max Length: 53′

Contact your helpful team member for max lengths in other states.

  • SL-100: 1″ Rib Height
  • SL-150: 1.5″ Rib Height
  • SLZ-150: 1.5″ Rib Height

Minimum slope:

  • 1:12 w/ mastic
  • PVDF – 40 year
  • SMP – 40 year
  • Bare Galvalume – 25 year

Panel Documentation

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